Living/Learning Community






The Global Citizenship and Ethics Living/Learning Community (LLC) is located in the recently renovated Edens Residence Hall. Students will have the opportunity to engage with concepts of ethics off-campus through funded house trips and on-campus through dinners, social events, a half credit course in the fall, and discussions with faculty and guests, providing unique networking opportunities. All undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Joining the community does not preclude other affiliations and past participation in a KIE program is not a requirement.

The living community, now entering its second year, will be ideal for students interested in ethical questions related to human rights, global migration, the environment, regulatory governance, human behavior and decision-making, and, above all, what makes an ideal citizen. Residents will have the opportunity to shape discussions through leadership roles and personal ethical interests.

The Global Citizenship and Ethics Living/Learning Community does not charge dues, so students only incur the usual costs of room and board.

Apply for the 2018-2019 academic year here. Please note that if you get accepted, this new housing assignment and communication will supersede any previous housing assignment and communication. You still must attend room selection. You also must live in section and participate in the Fall 2018 House Course in order to be part of the LLC.