Rethinking Regulation Graduate Research Awards



Rethinking Regulation Graduate Student Working Group Research Awards

Submission deadline: Friday, January 27, 2017, 5:00pm

The Rethinking Regulation Program at the Kenan Institute for Ethics invites graduate and professional students to apply for research awards. Recipients are current, or will become, members of the Rethinking Regulation-Graduate Student Working Group (RR-GSWG), which provides a forum for student-led interdisciplinary discussion, research, and analysis of issues related to regulatory governance. RR-GSWG members represent a variety of Duke disciplines/programs and are united by a common interest in regulatory governance and a shared commitment to interdisciplinary collaborative inquiry in the service of society.

The Rethinking Regulation Program will furnish up to $1,000 per award and anticipates making 3-6 awards. Awards will be provided in support of projects involving research, analysis, and scholarly development in the field of regulatory governance. Projects should both advance the academic and professional goals of recipients and contribute to the mission of the RR-GSWG. Award recipients will be provided with the opportunity to develop projects through numerous interdisciplinary collaborative engagement opportunities, including: workshopping research designs with fellow graduate students during an RR-GSWG meeting, presenting project results at a Rethinking Regulation seminar, and/or publishing research products on the Rethinking Regulation website. Selected projects will also be awarded a faculty mentor from the Rethinking Regulation Program with whom recipients may consult throughout the project and who will assist recipients with identifying follow-on funding opportunities. Examples of eligible projects are provided below, but other projects will be considered:
– A pilot study for a Rethinking Regulation collaborative research project (e.g., to be submitted as a Bass Connections project in academic year 2017-2018)
– An original analysis of a contemporary regulatory policy issue, potentially developed in collaboration with internal or external stakeholders
– A series of blog posts or op-eds tracking regulatory developments in the new U.S. Administration
– A single or co-authored article or chapter on regulatory governance
– A curriculum for a new course on regulatory governance to be taught by graduate students (e.g., to be submitted as a Bass Instructional Fellowship in academic year 2017-2018)

Application Requirements

– Applicants must be enrolled in a Duke graduate or professional program during academic year 2016-2017 and must be current members of the Rethinking Regulation-Graduate Student Working Group (to join, email Mercy DeMenno:
– Applicants must submit contact information and CVs for all project members along with a brief research proposal (not to exceed three pages) to Amber Díaz Pearson ( by 5:00pm on Friday, January 27. The proposal should include the following:
-> Summary of the research project and planned research product(s)
-> Description of the project’s relevance to the study of regulatory governance and the Rethinking Regulation Program’s mission
-> Description of how the project would benefit from interdisciplinary collaborative development through engagement with the RR-GSWG and Rethinking Regulation community

Award Requirements

– Recipients will be designated Kenan Graduate Scholars with the Rethinking Regulation Program and will be invited to attend the Rethinking Regulation seminar series and participate in the RR-GSWG workshops
– Recipients are expected to workshop a research design or project plan with the RR-GSWG group during the spring 2017 semester
– Recipients are expected to present the outcomes of the project to the Rethinking Regulation community during the fall 2017 semester
– Recipients are expected to submit a 1-page interim project report by May 1, 2017 and a final project report or deliverable (e.g., draft article or chapter) by December 1, 2017. Recipients will have the opportunity, but are not required, to publish some aspect of the project on the Rethinking Regulation website (e.g., a series of blog posts or a working paper).

View 2015 research award announcement

The Rethinking Regulation Program at the Kenan Institute for Ethics invites graduate and professional students to apply for small research grants to fund the costs of research related to the analysis of regulatory governance, either for a pilot study that might turn into an eventual dissertation topic, or for an already formulated dissertation project. The Institute will furnish up to $1,000 per award, which must be used for research expenses (travel, purchase of research materials, etc.). We anticipate making three awards.

All proposals related to the broad domain of regulatory governance will be considered. Our priority areas include:

1)  Crisis and Risk Regulation:  How do crises reshape risk perceptions, both among the general public and policy-making elites; and how do regulators respond to such events?
2)  Adaptive Regulation:  How should regulations be designed to keep up with rapid change, such as in science, technology, economic or social conditions? This topic also includes how regulatory authorities learn from prior policies and use that information in new policies or in policy revision.
3)  New Directions for Competition Policy:  What are the appropriate approaches to regulating monopoly, oligopoly, and competition?
4)  Conflict/Cooperation Among Regulatory Agencies: Agencies often have overlapping regulatory jurisdictions or missions. We are interested in both descriptive and prescriptive research on how competition and cooperation among regulatory agencies should be managed.
5) Private Regulation and Third-Party Auditing: Third-party auditing is a concept that is spreading to many forms of public and private regulation. To what extent have lessons from third-party auditing and rating services in finance been applied to these newer applications and what should the role for third-party auditing and certification be in private regulatory regimes?

A pdf flier is available for download.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a Duke graduate or professional program for the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 semesters.
  • Applicants must submit the following to Amber Díaz Pearson at
    • Brief research proposal describing the research project, its connection to the study of regulatory governance and Rethinking Regulation’s priority areas, the amount of funding requested, and the specific ways in which the funds will be used. This statement should not exceed three (3) pages.
    • Two letters of recommendation, one of which is provided by the student’s faculty advisor or mentor for the project. (These should be emailed directly from the faculty members to
    • Copy of current Duke Transcript.
    • Two-page Curriculum Vitae, including a list of previous grants and awards.

Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

Recipients of Research Awards will be expected to present a paper or dissertation chapter draft based on the supported research for discussion in a workshop with Rethinking Regulation faculty during Fall 2016.

Rethinking Regulation Involvement

All awardees will be assigned a Rethinking Regulation faculty mentor from outside their discipline. Recipients will be designated Kenan Graduate Scholars with Rethinking Regulation and will be expected to attend the Rethinking Regulation seminar series and participate in the Graduate Student Working Group to the best of their ability.