Economics Courses

Environmental Economics and Government Responses to Market Failure, (Econ, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spring 2005).  Available as part of MIT’s OpenCourseWare Project, this economics course examines regulatory theory and frameworks with a particular emphasis on the role of regulation in environmental economics.  The site includes readings and assignments.

Government Regulation of Industry, (Econ, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spring 2003).  Available as part of MIT’s OpenCourseWare Project, this economics course examines the role of government regulation in dealing with market failure.  Online site includes readings, lecture notes, and assignments.

Government/Political Science Courses

Bureaucracy, Politics, and Policy, (Edella Schlager, University of Arizona, Spring 1996).  A course that uses a “rational choice approach” to understand the operation of public agencies.  Assigned readings (including textbook selections) are listed by class.

Bureaucratic Politics (PDF), (Stu Jordan, University of Rochester, Fall 2006).  A political science seminar with an emphasis on quantitative techniques for examining the relationship between politics and bureaucracy.  Syllabus includes lecture headings as well as links to assigned readings.

Environmental Regulatory Policy, (Peter May, University of Washington, Fall 2002).  A political science course on environmental regulation.  Syllabus includes assigned readings and course assignments.

The Political Economy of Government Regulation, (Dan Carpenter, Harvard University, Spring 2006).  A course emphasizing theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding the history of regulation.  Syllabus includes recommended readings and course themes.

The Politics of Administrative Law (PDF), (Christine Harrington, Department of Politics, New York University, Spring 2006).  Examines the legal ideology of administrative law and examines the field’s relationship to political issues and debates.  Syllabus includes lecture headings and assigned readings.

The Politics of Business Regulation, (Dave Robertson, University of Missouri – Saint Louis).  A Political Science course that provides an overview of the history of regulation in America  and examines the relationship between regulation, business, government, and culture.  The syllabus lists recommended texts (divided thematically) and includes sample exam questions.

Privatization, Regulation, and Deregulation. (PDF) (J.R. DeShazo, UCLA)  A policy studies course on regulation.  Syllabus includes lecture titles and assigned readings.

Public Administration Theory, (David Hedge, University of Florida, Fall 2009).  A course that provides “an introduction to public bureaucracies and the people who study them.”  Syllabus includes lecture headings and recommended readings.

Law Courses

Rethinking Regulation: Duke in D.C. (Lawrence Baxter and Jim Cox, Duke Law School, Fall 2010) provides an historical, public policy, and theoretical context for students to reflect on their internship experiences within regulatory agencies and law offices in Washington, D.C.

Administrative Law, (Patricia Bellia, Notre Dame Law School, Spring 2010).  Course site and syllabus for administrative law course that includes textbook readings and pdf handouts (including mind maps for key course topics).

Administrative Law, (Hank Edmondson, Georgia College and State University, Summer 2008).  A syllabus for an online only course.  In addition to textbook recommendations, the site includes a detailed list of potential assignments for administrative law students.

Government Regulation of Business: Law, Economics, and Policy,(PDF) (Donald G. Kempf, Jr.).  A course examining regulation from a legal perspective.  Emphasizes the critical examination of the legal frameworks and economic models used to make sense of regulation.  Detailed syllabus includes lecture overviews as well as assigned cases and recommended readings.

The Regulatory State, (PDF) (Jon Weinberg, Wayne State University Law School, Winter 2010).  A law course on regulation.  Includes course headings and assigned readings.  Also includes citations for key court cases.

Sociology Courses

Bureaucratic Organization, (Timothy Dowd, Emory University, Spring 2001).  A course on bureaucracy from a sociological perspective.  Syllabus includes detailed lecture overviews and assigned readings.

Sociology 345: Regulation. (Marc Schneiberg, Reed College, Fall 2009).  A sociology course on regulation.  Syllabus includes an overview of the course and a listing of the assigned readings.