Research Guides


Guides to U.S. Federal Resources

A Research Guide to the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations
(Law Librarians’ Society of Washington D.C.).

Includes information about electronic access to federal resources, and provides a detailed history of the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, and explains their contents and organization.

Federal Tax Research: Treasury Regulations
A short overview of relevant Treasury regulations sources for scholars interested in tax research.

Federal Taxation Research Guide
A brief guide to researching tax law/legislation from the Widener University School of Law. Citations only, no links.

Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States
A guide to the National Archives’ holdings of federal records. Indispensable for scholars of regulatory history. Includes descriptions of collections, information about access, and statistics on holdings by agency.

Research Guide: Federal Administrative Law
Contains information about using research tools like the FR and CFR, as well as information about accessing records of administrative decisions. The guide also includes a large set of links to online administrative law sources.

Tracking Current Federal Legislation and Regulations: A Guide to Basic Sources
A comprehensive Congressional Research Service guide to researching Federal legislation and regulation.

Tracking Current Federal Legislation and Regulations: A Guide to Resources
A Congressional Research Service publication geared toward congressional staff interested in researching legislation/regulation. Provides links to government and commercial sources for tracking the regulatory process.

Zimmerman’s Research Guide: Code of Federal Regulations
A guide from LexisNexis InfoPro to working with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Includes information on how to use LexisNexis sources as well as freely available government resources. Provides tips for finding sections by subject matter, researching the U.S. code, and finding cross-references with case law.

Guides to U.S. State Resources

Administrative Law Research
A guide to administrative law research from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Includes coverage of Ohio government sources.

California Regulations and Administrative Law: Research Guide
(University of California Hastings College of the Law)
Provides resources for researchers interested in California law and regulation.

California Regulations Guide
(Santa Clara Law)
A guide to resources on California regulation.

Connecticut Law and Legislation
An annotated guide to researching Connecticut law.

Finding California Statutes, Regulations, and Related Cases
(USC Law)
A guide to research on California law/regulation. Good tips on finding information about specific laws, regulations, and cases.

Florida Research Guide: Cases, Statutes, and Regulations
(Florida Coastal School of Law)
A comprehensive guide to online sources for Florida regulation and law.

Kansas Administrative Regulations Research Guide
(Washburn University School of Law)
A guide to researching Kansas regulation.

Laws, Legislation, and Regulation
A guide to researching law and regulation from the University of Buffalo. Includes information about researching federal regulation as well as particularly good coverage of issues relevant to New York state.

State Planning and Research Guide
(Federal Highway Administration)
A guide to regulatory issues in highway/transportation.

State Regulations: Library Research Guide
(California Western School of Law)
A comprehensive guide to researching state regulations. Includes links to online resources and citations for offline sources. While the guide is applicable to all states, there is extra information on researching California, Nevada, and Arizona regulations.

Research Guide for Government Documents
Links to online sources for government documents. Because the guide is a publication of Portland State University, it contains especially good coverage of Oregon state records.

Research Guide for Maryland Regulations
This is a pdf of a printed guide to researching Maryland regulations. Some of the information may be slightly out of date, but it includes useful background and information about printed sources.

Researching Federal and Minnesota Regulations
(University of Minnesota Law)
A resource for researching regulation in general and information on Minnesota specifically. Provides tips for finding Minnesota rules.

Researching North Carolina Statutes, County and Municipal Ordinances and Administrative Rules
A PDF guide from the UNC Law Library on researching North Carolina regulatory topics. Contains information about relevant laws and agencies as well as links to online resources.

Zimmerman’s Research Guide: State Regulations and Administrative Codes
A guide to researching U.S. state regulations. Includes links to online resources.

Guides to International Government Resources

A Guide to India’s Legal Research and Legal System
Provides an overview of India’s legal system and regulatory process and includes a directory of important legal and regulatory sources. The guide includes information about print and online resources.

A Guide to Online Research Resources for the Australian Federal Legal System With Some Reference to the State Level
A guide that provides an overview of the Australian legal system as well as information for researchers interested in Australian law and regulation.

Australian Law: Selected Websites
An annotated directory of sources on Australian law from the National Library of Australia.

European Union Legal Materials: An Infrequent User’s Guide
An extensive guide on researching law in the European Union. Includes an overview of the EU as links to online regulatory and legislative resources.

Legal Research Guide: Legislation
(University of Western Australia)
A guide to the Australian legislative process. Includes links to online resources as well as information about state governments.

New Zealand Law: Guide to Legal Research
(University of New South Wales)
A brief guide to New Zealand law. The page also includes information about international law more broadly.

The Regulatory State Research Guide
(University of British Columbia Library)
This guide contains an overview of the Canadian regulatory process as well as links to online resources.

Researching Regulations in Canada
Provides an overview of the Canadian regulatory process, explains how to cite regulation, and provides links to research sources.

Researching the Regulations of British Columbia
A guide to regulations in British Columbia. Includes information for researchers as well as an overview of the regulatory process.

Step-by-Step Guide for Researching Federal and Alberta Statutes and Regulations
(University of Calgary)
A detailed guide from the to researching Canadian federal as well as Alberta-specific regulations. Includes step-by-step research help and an overview of the regulatory process.

Trade Regulation Law: Guide to International Trade Law
A resource for researchers interested in trade policy. In addition to U.S. and global government sources, the guide includes coverage of relevant NGOs. Information about publications and relevant articles is also included.

Research Guides on Other Regulatory Studies Topics

Antitrust Law
(Harvard Law Library)

A brief guide on the basics of researching anti-trust law. Links to news, relevant government agencies, and useful references books.

Administrative Law Research
(Harvard Law Library)

A guide on administrative law research. Links to relevant cases and online resources.

Administrative Law Research Guide
(Georgetown Law Library)

A guide for researchers working on administrative law. The guide primarily contains information on accessing government sources.

Comparative Securities Regulation: Research Resources
(Northwestern Law)

A guide to securities regulation that covers countries around the world. Links are given to English language sites (or English translations).

Federal Administrative Law
(Duke University Law School)

A detailed guide on researching administrative law. Contains a good overview of the field as well as links to online resources and key texts. Includes links to presidential documents and sources for administrative decisions.

Federal Regulation of Organic Food: A Research Guide
(National Agricultural Law Center)

A very in-depth PDF research guide on organic food regulation. Contains a history of the organic food category, an overview of relevant decisions, and links to key books, articles, and online resources.

Guide to U.S. Organic Marketing Laws and Regulations
(USDA’s National Agricultural Library)

A guide to organic food marketing regulation. Provides an overview of relevant regulations and includes links to relevant agencies and government documents.

Legislation and Regulation Research Guide
(SMU Cox School of Business)

Guide to researching legislation and regulation. Gives general information and includes links to search engines, databases, and U.S. state, U.S. federal, and international resources.

Regulating Corporations: A Research Guide
(United Nations’ Research Institute for Social Development)

This resource is a downloadable PDF guide to the regulation of transnational corporations. Document includes web-links and citations to relevant material.

Environmental Research Guide
(Georgia State University Law)

A guide for researchers concerned with environmental regulation issues.

Regulation of Financial Institutions
A guide to financial institution regulation. The brief guide contains links to relevant government agencies, as well as key regulations and important articles in the field.

Research Guide: The Federal Regulation of Dietary Supplements
(Harvard Law School: Legal Electronic Document Archive)

A detailed guide to doing research on dietary supplement regulation. Includes recommended sources and information about key regulations/cases.

Securities Law Research
(Yale Libraries)

A guide to researching securities law. Links to relevant statutes, cases, books, and online resources.

Securities Regulation and Litigation
(Harvard Law Library)

A short guide to securities issues.

Trademark Law Resources: A Pathfinder
(Louisiana State University)

A guide to researching trademark law. Includes links to relevant legislation/regulation as well as information about specific cases and administrative decisions. Also links to U.S. Patent Office publications.

U.S. Administrative Law Research: General Sources, Directories & Guides
(University of Washington School of Law)

Overview for administrative law scholars. Contains links to sources and other research guides.