Research Groups


Research Groups

U.S. Based Research Centers

Berkeley Center for the Study of Law and Society
A multidisciplinary research center that focuses on the “social consequences of law.”  The center hosts a speaker series, offers workshops, and provides a graduate fellowship for Berkeley students.  The site provides contacts for affiliated scholars, information about upcoming events, and links to center publications and blogs.

Brookings Institution
A non-partisan, centrist, think tank that sponsors scholarship on a variety of issues, including a number of regulatory topics.  See the pages on Regulation, Governance, and Economics for links to Brookings analysis, information on current research projects, and event announcements.

Cato Institute: Regulatory Studies
A portal for regulatory studies from a libertarian group explicitly opposed to regulation.  The site’s introduction explains that “there is no greater impediment to American prosperity than the immense body of regulations chronicled in the Federal Register.”

Carnegie Mellon Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation
Works to “facilitate the use of scientific information and methods in the regulatory process,” especially with regard to environmental, health, and safety regulation.  The Center’s site features member contacts and links to CSIR supported scholarship.

Center for Progressive Reform
An organization that deals with health, safety, and environmental issues.  Much of its research is centered around questions of regulatory policy.  Site includes information about Center projects, links to publications, and an active blog.

Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
(through the Harvard School of Public Health)

Promotes the use of scientific and quantitative methods to analyze environmental health issues.  Site provides information about upcoming events as well as links to relevant publications.

Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government
(Harvard University Kennedy School)
A center for facilitating scholarship on the intersection of the public and private sectors.  The Center’s homepage serves as a clearinghouse for Kennedy School scholarship on regulation, with links to downloadable working papers and articles, as well as information on Center events, publications, and courses.

Mercatus Center: Regulatory Studies Program
(George Mason University
This center promotes scholarship on regulation and governance with a decidedly conservative slant, emphasizing the study of “market-based alternatives that achieve regulatory goals.”

Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth
(Northwestern Law)
Site includes information about Center projects in Legal and Regulatory Studies and Education and Outreach.

Penn Program on Regulation
This  interdisciplinary center, based at Penn Law School, maintains the popular RegBlog and sponsors seminars and conferences.  Site contains information on the program’s network of scholars as well as links to relevant scholarship.

The Tobin Project
The Tobin Project is a policy group that connects academics working on economic and regulatory issues with policy makers.  The Tobin Project sponsors conferences and seminars, funds research, and publishes scholarship.  Site includes information about the Tobin Project’s work, details about fellowship opportunities, and information about the Project’s publications.

Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy
(University of Buffalo Law School)
The Baldy Center runs working groups, hosts seminar series and conferences, and provides graduate courses in sociolegal studies.  The Center’s site provides information about upcoming events, related publications, and affiliated scholars.

Industry-Oriented Research Centers (U.S. Based)

Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies
(Illinois State University)

An institute that focuses on regulation in industry.  It describes itself as  “serving the electricity, natural gas and telecommunications industries and the regulatory community,” and offers graduate degrees in regulatory fields.  Specializes in regulatory issues relevant to Illinois and the Midwest more generally.

Institute of Public Utilities: Advanced Regulatory Studies Program
(Michigan State University)

Focuses on scholarship on regulation with an emphasis on industry issues.  The Institute funds research, publishes articles and working papers, and sponsors workshops and conferences for public and private sector regulatory professionals.

National Regulatory Research Institute
Concerned with issues in utility regulation, this organization maintains a community of policy experts and analysts.  Site provides an overview of Institute projects as well as information about upcoming events.  NRRI provides a user guide for people interested in participating in their network.

Rutgers University Center for Research in Regulated Industries
Promotes research on regulatory topics through workshops, conferences, seminars, and publications.  Site provides access to sponsored research and lists information about upcoming CRRI events.  CRRI publishes the Journal of Regulatory Economics.

Public Utility Research Center
(University of Florida Warrington College of Business Administration)
Promotes the study of industries such as water, energy, and telecom with an emphasis on both theoretical work and the training of people working in relevant industries.  Center working papers and articles are available for PDF download.

Center for Business and Regulation
(The University of Illinois – Springfield College of Business Management)
Established to promote regulation scholarship and to develop the Illinois’ regulatory community.  The Center’s website lists upcoming events, features staff biographies, and lists Center supported publications.

Research Centers/Groups Based Outside the U.S.

Centre for Law and Economics
(Australian National University College of Law)

Center that promotes research on the intersection of law and economics.  The Center’s project on Competition Law, Industry, and Business Regulation has sponsored research on general regulatory topics as well as regulation in communications and media, energy, and transportation.  Site features an overview of the center’s projects as well as information about affiliated scholars and upcoming events.

Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy (CCRP)
(City University London)
The CCRP organizes research workshops, hosts working papers, and promotes scholarship on effective regulation.  Many working papers and articles available for PDF download.

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Regulatory Governance
Founded in 2005, the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance is dedicated to promoting regulation scholarship through conferences, panels, prizes, and publications.  The Standing Group’s site features information about past and future panels and projects (as well as links to conference papers).

ECGI: European Corporate Governance Institute
Scientific association, affiliated with Brookings and Columbia Law School, intended to promote research on corporate governance and financial regulation.  Site includes links to affiliated scholarship as well as information about upcoming events.

Groningen Center for Law and Governance (CLE)
Supports research on the “function of law in the regulatory state.” The site explains CLE research projects and provides information about the center’s visiting scholar program.

Jerusalem Forum on Regulation and Governance
Located at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Forum is an interdisciplinary group focusing on issues of regulation and governance.  Runs seminars and the Forum’s site hosts a number of working papers in PDF format.

Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation
(The London School of Economics)
A policy-oriented interdisciplinary center focused on risk regulation.  Site features the center’s journal, Risk and Regulation,  as well as links to center supported scholarship, information about affiliated scholars, and information about LSE graduate degrees in relevant fields.

Centre for Regulatory Studies (CRS)
(Monash University Law)
The CRS website furnishes a brief overview of  the field, links to books and publications, and information on conferences and seminars.  It also hosts “Regu-pedia,” a collaborative bibliography of regulatory publications.

Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet)
A research group within the College of Asia and the Pacific at Australian National University, RegNet promotes scholarship, holds events, and maintains an interdisciplinary network of scholars around the world.  RegNet also has a large PhD program and its website provides citations for publications by affiliated scholars.

Regulatory Policy Institute
Based in Oxford, the RPI promotes broad interdiscplinary scholarship on regulatory policy.  Site features information about upcoming events and downloadable publications (PDF and powerpoints).

Centre for Competition Policy
(University of East Anglia)
Founded in 2004, the CCP explores regulatory frameworks that promote productive competition.  The Centre’s homepage features linked publications, research projects,  and information about upcoming events.  The CCP also maintains a competition policy blog.

Centre for European Governance
(University of Exeter)
Promotes interdisciplinary research on European governance.  Organizes research on regulatory topics such as “Analysis of Learning in Regulatory Governance” and “Corporate Governance and the Global Regulatory Framework.”  Homepage has information about center events, affiliated scholars, and a listing of relevant graduate degrees, like their MA in European Governance.

Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation
(The University of Melbourne)
The site features information about the Centre’s graduate programs, links to supported publications, and an overview of the Centre’s primary research areas.

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
(University of Oxford)
A center designed to promote original research on the relationship between law and society.  The Center also grants graduate degrees in Socio-Legal Studies.  The site has information about center activities (workshops, seminars, etc.), affiliated scholars, as well as links to supported scholarship.

Industry-Oriented Research Centers Based Outside the U.S.

Regulatory Governance Institute (RGI)
(Carleton University)
Institute focuses on both scholarship about regulation and the training of regulators.  Many institute publications are available in PDF format.

Chair Management of Network Industries
Promotes scholarship on the role of regulation in network industries like post, telecommunications, sanitation, etc.  Links to publications and information on current students in the center’s graduate program.  Co-edits the Journal of Competition and Regulation in Network Industries.

Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries
(University of Bath School of Management)
Runs workshops and seminars as well as promotes research on regulated industries like transportation and utilities.  Site includes downloadable papers as well as bibliographies of published articles and conference/seminar proceedings.