Giandomenico Majone Prize. The European Consortium for Political Research’s Standing Group on Regulatory Governance awards the Giandomenico Majone prize for “outstanding research by scholars in the early stages of her or his career in the field of regulatory governance.”  Eligibility is restricted to scholars who have completed their PhD less than seven years before the prize’s submission deadline.

Regulation and Governance Annual Best Article Prize. Awarded annually to the best article published in Regulation and Governance.

Richard D. Cudahy Writing Competition on Regulatory and Administrative Law.  Designed for scholars, practicing lawyers, policymakers, and others, the Cudahy award is a $1500 cash prize to an article or essay on regulatory or administrative law.  Eligible topics include “empirical or comparative analyses of the effectiveness of specific regulatory regimes or of deregulation, doctrinal investigations of the development of administrative law rules or principles by courts and administrative agencies and the effects of that development, and normative analyses of how particular regulatory or administrative regimes or deregulation advance or fail to advance values of fairness, participation, and transparency.”

Walton H. Hamilton Prize for Outstanding Scholarship.  Awarded to the Yale Journal of Regulation article “most likely to have a significant impact on the study and understanding of regulatory policy.” The prize is awarded every issue.