Grad Programs


Graduate Programs in the United States

Illinois State University Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies, “Electricity, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications Economics Sequence” as part of a Master’s Degree in Economics. Geared towards training regulatory professionals in industry and government, the program focuses on the economic analysis of regulatory issues.

Graduate Programs at Institutions Outside the United States

University of East Anglia Centre for Competition Policy Phd Programme
Works with students doing PhDs in economics, law, political science, and management.

University of Exeter Center for European Governance MA in European Governance
A year long program that “approaches the EU as a system of governance and examines politics and policy-making by drawing on theoretical policy analysis and comparative public policy.”

Monash University Degrees in Regulatory Studies
Monash offers a graduate diploma in regulatory studies as well as a master of regulatory studies and PhD and SJD opportunities.

London School of Economics MSc in Regulation
Based in the Departments of Law and Government, this twelve-month program focuses on both the economic aspects of regulation as well as a broader approach to the operation of regulatory institutions.

Australian National University RegNet PhD Program
A three year (full-time) or 6-7 year program designed for people interested in doing graduate work in regulatory studies. A major part of the program is working closely with RegNet affiliated scholars and attending the center’s PhD workshops.