General Regulatory Blogs

CPRBlog is the official blog of the Center for Progressive Reform, an organization that deals with health, safety, and environmental issues. The blog deals with the Center’s core issues as well as provides coverage of current events related to regulatory questions.

The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Blog has numerous contributors and is widely cited. This blog provides coverage of relevant news stories, analysis pieces, and links to upcoming events in the field.

Part of the Penn Program on Regulation, RegBlog is perhaps the most comprehensive blog on regulation. The site covers all areas of government regulation, with particular attention to the regulatory process online.

Lexis/Nexus maintains blogs on a number of issues. The Emerging Issues forum contains information on recent regulatory developments in many fields and links to other blogs.

Special Topics Blogs

The FinReg Blog provides commentary by faculty and affiliates of the Duke Law Global Financial Markets Center.

Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation: Specialized blog on securities regulation from an analyst at Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, an information services company.

Trade Regulation Talk: Legal blog from a Wolters Kluwer analyst covering issues of antitrust, competition, consumer protection, and other competition law topics.

Lexis/Nexus maintains blogs on a number of issues. The forum on Environmental Law and Climate Change contains information on recent regulatory developments and links to other blogs.

The Technology Liberation Front aims to be “full-service technology policy blog that covers complete gamut of public policy issues affecting the future of the Internet and technology.” Focus is on combating the “dangerous trend of over-regulation of the Internet, communications, media and high-technology in general…To accomplish this, we have brought together several libertarian-minded analysts working in the field of technology policy to analyze and critique the important developments of the day.”

Relevant Economics Blogs

Marginal Revolution, maintained by right of center economist Tyler Cowen, is one of the most popular economics blogs. MR often covers regulatory issues.

Truth on the Market provides “academic commentary on law, business, economics, and more.” Discusses a wide variety issues, including regulatory concerns. Truth on the Market is updated regularly and has a large number of contributors, most of whom are law professors and academic economists.

Knowledge Problem is maintained by economists Lynne Kiesling at Northwestern University and Michael Giberson at the Center for Energy Commerce at Texas Tech University and primarily addresses questions of financial and electricity regulation.

Ezra Klein, a journalist at The Washington Post maintains an active blog covering economic and domestic policy, including details of financial regulation.

Relevant Law Blogs

Administrative Law Prof Blog. Coverage of Administrative Law topics, with analysis of relevant issues, links to important new scholarship in the field, and announcements about seminars, conferences, and workshops. A variety of contributors and a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.

Antitrust and Competition Policy Blog. Part of the Law Professor Blogs Network, the Antitrust and Competition Policy blog deals with questions of competition and the law. Updated regularly.

Antitrust Law Blog. Maintained by Sheppard Mullin: Attorneys at Law, the Antitrust Law Blog contains analysis of antitrust rulings and issues.

Antitrust Review. Blog providing “news and commentary on Antitrust Law, Policy, and Economics.” Provides links to relevant news stories as well as analysis.

Competition Law Blog. Blog covering issues of competition law with an emphasis on UK and EU issues.

University of East Anglia Centre for Competition Policy Blog. Blog dealing with questions of competition and antitrust law. Provides analysis of legal cases.